How to fill the GHMC Building Regularization Scheme Application Online

The application for GHMC BRS 2015 can be filed online, here are the sceenshots of the application and instructions to fill it. If you have all the necessary documents ready, it is a fairly straight forward process.


The entire application form is in a single page format. The screenshot has been split up into multiple images and size adjusted for better view-ability.


1) Applicant details

01 Applicant details GHMC Regularization 2015

  • Fill in all the details, those marked with * are essential


2) Building location details

02 Building Location details GHMC Regularization 2015

  • "Circle" info should be available on your property tax receipt

3) Details of site and building

03 Site Location details GHMC Regularization 2015

  • "Market Value" should match the amount from the "Certificate of Market value of the plot" issued by the Sub-Registrar
  • "Existing road width", you can find it in the building plan drawing, if in doubt, take a tape and measure it


4) Details of the Site and Building

04 Details of the Site and Building GHMC Regularization 2015

  • "Plinth Area" details are available in the building plan drawing
  • PTIN details are available on your property tax receipt
  • *In "Action" column, there is a provision for attaching a file, but we are unsure what file needs to be attached. We are trying to find out and will let you know if we get the info about it. (Probably it is meant for the "Computation of regularization charges" found in page no's 23 & 24 of the "Handbook of guidelines", makes logical sense since the calculation part is the only thing remaining to be filled, anyways, because we said "probably", you should confirm from other sources too. (Confirmed: No file needs to be attached here, the button is to add a new row for including details of more units / floors/ flats in the same building, calculation of regularization charges is done automatically by the application upon submission)


5) Upload Documents

05 Document uploads Building GHMC Regularization 2015

  • Yeah, upload all the documents.
  • "Copy of ownership" a.k.a Registration Document, get it attested by a Gazetted Officer
  • "Building plan" needs to be signed by "Licensed Technical Person" a.k.a Licensed Architect. Don't forget that Applicant needs to sign the "Building plan" as well (Self Attested)
  • Tip: Scan these documents after the signatures are complete
  • Please note that all the uploaded documents need to be in PDF format
  • Indemnity bond can be found on page no.25 & 26 of the Handbook of Guidelines: LINK


6) Site falling in prohibited area

06 Site compliance and Building GHMC Regularization 2015

  • The answers are obvious for both these options
  • Thats all, press "SUBMIT" and that should do.


Tip: Its a lengthy single page application, we hope the makers of the software have provided enough time for "SESSION TIMEOUTS". But, just in case, we advice you to copy the text of everything you have typed into the application, in notepad or word, so that in case the session times out, you can fill it up faster the next time. Wow, too many "time's" in that sentence, excuse please, for the time being !!!

Payment is only after submitting the application and you can find it in the drop down options of the top menu.

Here is the link to file the application on GHMC website : LINK

Let us know in case you have done it SUCCESSFULLY (Confidence for other applicants) or FACED ISSUES (Time to find solutions), in the comments below. Constructive comments only please.

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