How To Backup Your Website
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Using Free FTP Software

how to backup files from the server using ftp software

Static websites are comprised of files and these are hosted on a server. Dynamic websites usually have a database in addition to the files hosted on the server.


static websites have files only

dynamic websites have files and database

Follow these methods to backup your websites:

1) Backing up the files on the server

We will use a free and open source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software called FileZilla. It is available for both Windows and Linux and can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, Install filezilla and open the program.

filezilla connecting to a new server

  • Go to file ---> open site manager

    1) Click new site

    Name your new site

    2) Protocol FTP

    Enter the IP address in the the host details

    Logon type ---> normal

    3) Provide your Username and Password

    4) Click Connect

filezilla downloading files

  • A) Create a folder in the left pane directory select it by double clicking

    B) Select all files in the right pane and click download

filezilla monitoring progress

  • X) All the files will be added to the queue.

    Y) Your files should be downloaded in a while and you can monitor the progress.

2) Backing up database

If your website is dynamic or uses a CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Magneto then it will have a database. You need to back this up to have a functional website when hosted elsewhere.

exporting mysql database
Find the 'export' option in the database section to back it up.

Now that we have the files and the database, you are reasonably safe. They will come handy if the host has any technical issue. In such a case, the files can be moved to a newer host to keep the website up and running.

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