How To Configure Name Servers And DNS Records Of Your Domain At BigRock

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There has been a lot of discussion about Name Servers (NS) for the past 1 month because Net4India's NS went offline causing downtime for all the domains that used Net4's NS.

Now that the domains are already transferred to BigRock and there is a provision to change the NS, you can change them, but, do you need to ?

BigRock provides you with free NS along with each domain, so, unless you have setup your NS elsewhere or you have configured custom NS matching your domain name, you generally do not need to change the default NS. In such a case, you can change the A Records and the MX Records of the DNS settings to resolve your website and email: Jump to the section

If you have to change the Name Servers for the above mentioned reasons, these are the steps:

Login to Bigrock and you will see the list of your domains.

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Select the checkbox beside the domain that needs the NS changes

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After selection, "Modify Name Servers" will be highlighted

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Type the addresses of the new Name Servers (Minimum 2), you can add upto a maximum of 13 Name Servers

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The steps to edit your DNS records:

Click the domain that you want to edit the DNS records

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This will show you all the configurable options for your domain

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Scroll till the end and you will find the "DNS Management" section

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Now an admin area for your site will open

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You can edit A records and MX records

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A Record is an IP address that points to your website

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MX is a set of records that point to the mail server of your domain

For example these are the MX Records if your domain uses Google Workspace for Email

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These are the default NS Records of BigRock

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After you finish all your edits, save them. NS and DNS changes take time to propagate to servers around the world. This time is proportional to the TTL(Time-To-Live) value of the record. If the value is set too high, it will result in a longer wait when a switch is needed. If the value is set too low, it results in excessive DNS queries and also slows down the website load speed slightly.

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Current Status Update

We have created a "Current Status Page" with up to date information about the availability of Net4India's Website, Name Servers, Web Servers, Mail Servers along with the status of ICANN "DARTP Bulk Transfer".


You can check it here : LINK


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